Spylien Prince is an interactive toy that can be enjoyed in the water, like in swimming pools. The name Spylien Prince is derived from the combination of spy, alien, and prince. This sneaky alien has landed on Earth on his UFO to take over the world. However, humans were much larger and stronger than he expected! Spylien Prince looks around for humans to abduct and picks a target to follow around, but when he gets a bit too close he is to afraid to go any nearer and stops still. This is an interactive toy that follows sounds from nearby. It gives feedback with leds decorating the neck of the alien, and the motor inside the UFO lets the toy swim around in water. This is a toy for children and adults to enjoy while playing in the water.

2008 Project Design Elements course, Industrial Design department, KAIST
with Eunsol Lee, Kyungah Noh, Sunjun Kim, Sunkyung Ham


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