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Noinvisible was a project done by eight Junior employees of Ad. agency Innocean Worldwide, as part of an education program. We arranged this campaign to widen the public knowledge of Silverzone, elderly protective road areas in Korea. We used the camouflage technique to symbolize the neglecting of Silverzones around the country. 

The name Noinvisible represents our hope for Silverzones being widely known (No-Invisible), leading to a safe road environment for the elderly in Korea (Noin*-Visible).

*Noin means Elderly in Korean. 

Silverzones are road safety areas operated to protect the elderly pedestrians since 2008. Cars must drive slower than 30km/h in this area, and parking is not allowed. There are around 680 Silverzones around the country, mainly near elderly homes, hospitals, and welfare facilities.

Advertising Campaign to promote Silverzone

Junior education program, Innocean Worldwide

Work with: Hyejin Kim, Seyoon Kim, Taijin Hwang, Woohyun Park, Yujin Lee, Yunkyung Kim, and Yuwon Chung

Project Overview Video

Project Website:

Project Facebook page:

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