Light-morph-Light is a table-top lamp created using elements of light, as the name suggests. The product is given to user as semi-DIY kit, and user decides when and where to complete the products. User lights the candle included in the kit, and the melted wax drips on the glass lampshade revolving by solar-power. The candle light, change of brightness, room temperature, etc. all become elements that cause to shape the lamp into a random shape. This process is 'cultivation' of product. This system of creation is "Self-morphing Randomness", a method that takes a product's main function to create an aleatoric form of the product. This method is suggested as a way to produce unique products, part of thesis work "Designing Unique Products with Self-Morphing Randomness". 


thesis, MID 2013, KAIST

Designing Unique Products with Self-Morphing Randomness

Light-morph-Light using video from Kyung Hyun Kim on Vimeo.

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